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Dan Cole

8 Common Responsive Design Mistakes

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I just came across this post that I thought might be of interest here. It sets out 8 common mistakes that are often made in designing a responsive website.  

1. Failure to Analyze Visitor Behavior
2. Starting with the Desktop Version
3. Lack of Testing
4. Call-to-action Buttons Too Small for Mobile Screens
5. Slow-loading Mobile Pages
6. Less Content for Mobile Users
7. Supporting Only One Image Resolution
8. Emails Are Not Responsive

Some of these issues are addressed within the basic osC code, others need to taken into consideration during the site design stage and a few point to need for other improvements that might need to be developed  -- things like product tabs, responsive emails etc.

A little something for everyone.


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Hi @@Dan Cole


For those responsive emails @@Gergely has come up with some good looking responsive emails. 



I am not a professional webmaster or PHP coder by background or training but I will try to help as best I can.

I remember what it was like when I first started with osC. It can be overwhelming.

However, I strongly recommend considering hiring a professional for extensive site modifications, site cleaning, etc.

There are several good pros here on osCommerce. Look around, you'll figure out who they are.

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Interesting link thanks @@Dan Cole


Can only speak for the responsive build, not for anything else;


1. No input from me.


2. Botostrap is a system that deals with Mobile first. It took a lot of work (as we all know) to plug that into osc, but now oscommerce presents itself as a mobile first solution. So we have that nailed.


3. Many stepped up and did this over the past 12 months. I think we did pretty good here.


4. Yes, this is a problem I see on many sites. Thankfully our osc doesn't suffer from small buttons :D


5. We did all we could to get those gtmetrix scores way high (up in the 90s), there is more that can be done, but it's outside the scope of here and put into the lap of the individual shopowner (eg optimise images, not add too much extra .js and so on).


6. It's not possible to easily serve up different content based on device, it is simple to hide/show content, but that's all it is doing - the page size is the same. Don't think there is anything to be done here at this point.


7. Images. Needs attention. We need to get some form of thumbnailing into osc, and then use the new picture element to display images...that is something for the future though.


8. Unresponsive Emails. Never heard of such a thing. If an meail consists solely of text, it can be nothing but responsive...so unsure what point they are trying to make.


Some points for discussion...

This is a signature that appears on all my posts.  
IF YOU MAKE A POST REQUESTING HELP...please state the exact version
of osCommerce that you are using. THANKS

Get the latest current code (community-supported responsive Edge) here


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