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Addon for review last purchased products

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Hi all, i'm trying to write a contrib for oscommerce.


This addon creates a page with last purchased products with image, name and a "tittle input field" "a review textarea" and finally with "rating field", every product has two buttons more for: visit product page, and re-order product.

(its like amazon's review purchased products)

If some field its missing like Tittle, review or rating, a javascript popup ask for complete empty or low complete fields

When the review its correctly posted a mail sends a notification to store mail address.

Script only works if customer its sucessfully logged.


Addon has some problems:

(tittle and review min length javascript message not working, its appears ever, rating message works fine not showing if has a value)

(script shows last 5 purchased products but javascript error message appears with fields empty or full) Not receiving values?. 

Without javascript script works, post review and send mail.


i want post code if someone can help me for finish this addon and publish as contrib for everybody.

I think problem its in javascript and form limits, but i cant find problems in code.

Used oscommerce 2.2ms

Any one? Thanks!

(file attached)


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