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Faster login with bootstrap modal

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I got on the hunt for a bootstrap modal login for my OSC shop, thought it might be a good and thoroughly modern idea, and came across this discussion. 

The discussions here highlight important issues with modal logins, primarily the SSL and the redirects, if I am not mistaken?  Considering that most of the posts here go back a couple of years, I was wondering if any progress has been made to resolve these issues?  And/or, what is the current best practices regarding modal logins?  Has/will it become SOP, or has it been abandoned and just not a good thing to do for whatever reasons?

One thought I had about the SSL issue was to have a two part login...start by getting the email address, then when they continue, redirect to an HTTPS page for the password.  Have not tried to implement this yet.  Not sure if I (or my customers) would like the look and feel.   But any comments about the idea would be appreciated.


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Best practice is to have entire site SSL when using modal login as discussed in this and other threads (your entire site should be SSL regardless). Use files I last uploaded in this thread (not tested on latest osCommerce bootstrap versions, too many too list :)).

Keep it simple, 2 part login defeats the purpose of have modal login.


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