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Sage Pay - England only

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Hello - I am trying to get Sage pay to only show for people that use the English section of our website - I have managed to make this happen for another payment method (Buckaroo) - Buckaroo only shows for our customers in the Netherlands.


However - When I insert the code it makes it NOT show for all countries - does anyone have an idea why? Code below:

// class constructor    
	function sage_pay_form() 
	global $order;
	$this->signature = 'sage_pay|sage_pay_form|1.2|2.2';
	$this->code = 'sage_pay_form';
	$this->enabled = ((MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_FORM_STATUS == 'True') ? true : false);
	if (isset($order) && $order->info["currency"] != 'GBP') {
			$this->enabled = false;
		if (isset($order) && $order->delivery["country"]['title'] != 'English') {$this->enabled = false;
	// Disable method if shipping costs not calculated yet
	if ($order->info['shipping_to_quote']){
		$this->enabled = false;	

the Currency or Delivery section should be ok - included both for scope.


Thanks for the help.

Edited by Nathaniel

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