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Regarding the grid/list function.

The transition between grid and/or list view is kinda rough isn't it? Some smoother fade transition would be cool.

Inside the ht_grid_list_view.php file.

$(function() {
	var cc = $.cookie(\'list_grid\');
	if (cc == \'list\') {
		$(\'#products .item\').removeClass(\'grid-group-item\').addClass(\'list-group-item\');
	} else {
		$(\'#products .item\').removeClass(\'list-group-item\').addClass(\'grid-group-item\');
	$(document).ready(function() {
			$(\'#products .item\').fadeOut(300,function(){
				$(\'#products .item\').addClass(\'list-group-item\').removeClass(\'grid-group-item\').fadeIn()//updated
			$.cookie(\'list_grid\', \'list\');
			$(\'#products .item\').fadeOut(300,function(){
				$(\'#products .item\').removeClass(\'list-group-item\').addClass(\'grid-group-item\').fadeIn()//updated
			$.cookie(\'list_grid\', \'grid\');
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Thanks for coming up with the code which will no doubt be useful for many.


No more core code changes other than bugs in implementation and the remaining Milestone items.

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