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Some of Paypal standard payments gets rejected!

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we have two websites which we sell products online and we accept Paypal, but we noticed that some of the customers are not able to pay by Paypal and they get error message. 


Our websites are 

getsale.com.au (OSC2.3.4)

aussieuggwear.com.au (OSC(2.3.1)


Only some customers they get error, some of them are Australian and some are American and perhaps European. I am not sure why but it could be depending to the type of payment, card or the location they trying to pay from but I can see on the history that many orders through Paypal have been stopped or not completed. 


I use OSCommerce for these websites. 


Here are a couple of emails I got from customers who had problem paying; 


One email from customer I think from USA 



I went to paypal, it says I cannot pay it and I went back to order, but 

the order didn't have a pay button, only have a back button, so I click the 

back and a new order came out. That's why I have to make two orders. you 

should have a pay button on your order page. 








Another message from another customer from Sydney 


When I ordered today I couldn't pay by Paypal, I got this error message; 



10002 - Authentication/Authorization Failed 

You do not have permissions to make this 

API call 




Please help me to fix these errors 


Many thanks in advance 


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