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Paypal losing order info

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Hi, I am working on a web store that was originally built with OsCommerce version 1.280 in 2003 it used a Paypal module version 1.39 that is just called Paypal but looks a lot like the present Standard module with some differences in the code.


I have upgraded the site to version OsC 2.3.4 but kept the old module as it seemed to fuction well.


My purpose is to keep it working the same way which is to just send the customer straight to a Paypal secured page for payment then they should return to the site and then the details of the order are saved to the database.


The problem I am facing is that some customers forget to go back to the store and we only get the Paypal transaction without the order details so we need to e-mail the customer to ask for these details everytime.


I would like to get all the order details saved into the database before the customer is transferred to the  Paypal site to have a reference of that order in case the customer forgets to return to the store.


Is there any direct way to automatically save this information?


I have found the addon called "osCommerce_PayPal_IPN_2_3_4_7" should I replace the paypal module I have installed with this one?


I am a bit lost between the OsC versions, the Paypal module versions and the addons versions. Can anyone help me out?

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The ipn callback close the order and not the backref so you should to use the latest paypal version.

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Thank you "allaboutwicker" the new Paypal addon looks like a big installation process with lots of extras I will not use.


What I have now is doing (partly) the job well.


Will it, after installation, testing etc.. make it possible to automate the return to the store after payment for confirmation and saving the order details?

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The paypal standard module included with 2.3+ is a IPN module that pre-saves the order, so you can simply change out your old one with that.


Or if you don't want to replace the module you have, you can try this:  http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8984

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