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PayPal App: Old jQuery Version and Payments Standard Seller E-Mail Address

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I just instaled it on my 2.3.1


and getting this error message;

jQuery version is too old (v1.4.3). Please update your Administration Tool template to use at least v1.5.


Payments Standard General +


This module will not load until the Seller E-Mail Address parameter has been configured. Please edit and configure the settings of this module.



Any idea please?




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Hi Mitchell..


The PayPal App requires a later jQuery version than what is used by your Administration Tool template. You should try to update your jQuery version to at least v1.5.


This can be done with the following steps:


1) Download jQuery v1.11.1 from:


2) Copy that file to:


3) Update the jQuery version in the Administration Tool template. In the following file:




<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo tep_catalog_href_link('ext/jquery/jquery-1.4.2.min.js'); ?>"></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo tep_catalog_href_link('ext/jquery/jquery-1.11.1.min.js'); ?>"></script>
Keep the v1.4.2 jQuery version in that directory as your shop template is more than likely using that jQuery version, which it can still keep using.

:heart:, osCommerce

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we have two websites which we sell products online and we accept Paypal, but we noticed that some of the customers are not able to pay by Paypal and they get error message. 

Our websites are 
getsale.com.au (OSC2.3.4)
aussieuggwear.com.au (OSC(2.3.1)

Only some customers they get error, some of them are Australian and some are American and perhaps European. I am not sure why but it could be depending to the type of payment, card or the location they trying to pay from but I can see on the history that many orders through Paypal have been stopped or not completed. 

I use OSCommerce for these websites. 

Here are a couple of emails I got from customers who had problem paying; 

One email from customer I think from USA 

I went to paypal, it says I cannot pay it and I went back to order, but 
the order didn't have a pay button, only have a back button, so I click the 
back and a new order came out. That's why I have to make two orders. you 
should have a pay button on your order page. 



Another message from another customer from Sydney 
When I ordered today I couldn't pay by Paypal, I got this error message; 

10002 - Authentication/Authorization Failed 
You do not have permissions to make this 
API call 

Please help me to fix these errors 

Many thanks in advance 

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