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Delivery rate determined by local zipcodes?

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We have a party rental company and currently use a contact type form for reservations and quotes. The basic installation of Oscommerce includes many of our desired fields. I have been able to change some of the wording to make it relevant to our company. We still need the following information: party date, start time, end time, and a few other multiple choice questions. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to add them, if I knew where to start. We typically take either COD or process credit cards with Square. We swipe the card when we deliver. We don't want people to pay at checkout since we do not book every reservation (or quote) request we get. We have another reservation system that we use for our company that prints invoices and manages our inventory, but does not integrate with the website. I have figured out how to customize the choices of payment, but I've not figured out how to get oscommerce to calculate delivery rates based on zipcodes as our reservation system does. We charge anywhere from free to $27 depending on Zipcode regardless of the number of items that they order. We also have a few products that have a flat delivery fee ($29) regardless of area as long as they are in our delivery areas. And certain addon products if ordered alone and under a certain $ amount are charge a higher delivery rate. Usually, customers order a higher priced item and then addons. The delivery is free for the addon items as long as they are ordered with one of the main products ($99 and up).


Does this seem possible?

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many questions in one post


There are several local delivery shipping options which are controlled by zip code or city name you would need to research a bit example x 2 below






sure there are more they may need updated seem to remember a few depreciated errors but easy to fix.


There is a date picker addon  but that would only give x 1 date (delivery) 


You are maybe better served with a text field/s in the product page using option-types (party date, start time, end time,)


Another way to go would be a custom built form multi mixer has several blogs




now just food for thought as you are talking 


1: shipping


2: capturing information


3: addon products


if I have understood right




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