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Content Modules

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I try to create a content module with a certain function in it for the product info page.

I think i get the hang of it and i made good progress.

Now there are two things that i can't figure out. This certain function needs a javascript code and a change of the add_product case inside the application_top.php

Now how can I do that with this new content modules function? If i plant the js code manually inside the product_info.php file and amend the application_top.php i can get the

content module working (w00t)  but i think the idea is to have everything done in one click right?


Oh and almost forgot, in burt's newer commits is this code

 <div class="row">
+ <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info'); ?>
+ </div>

this is only for the boxes at the bottom of the product info page right? So how can i place my new content module let's say left of the image?

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Modularization has only been introduced in product info. When the page is fully modular, you would use sort order to do as you wish.

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