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Price alert notification

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Hi there.


Someone knows if there exists any price alert notification add on?


I only found stock alert add ons.


If there is nothing, I'll code some and post code on request.


Thank you

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you mean something like shown in the image below right?




that would be a cool feature. not only if the price drops but offering exactly as the image shows.

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There are two native ways that a product price can get lower;


1.  it gets set up as a special offer

2.  shopowner reduces price on the product adding/editing page


I suggest a system that;


a/  allows the customer to sign up to price fluctuation email, setting their MAX price they way to pay

b/  allows non-customers to do the same


When you lower the price, and email is auto sent to these people (whose MAX price is greater than or equal to your price) advising them that the price of XYZ product has reduced to X.


That (as far as I know) does not exist and is a simple implementation (you might need more than "simple").  If you want it, you need to code it or get it coded by someone who can do it => commercial enquiries http://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-enquiries/ (and if you do get it made you can then share with the rest of the community).

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