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2.34 Seo Urls Development

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@@gadlol I'm looking to see your work. Nice!


For SEO Urls 5 there's freedom to configure the products link text:

Product link text can be made up of:
p = product name
c = category name
b = manufacturer (brand)
m = model
e.g. bp (brand/product)

By default it uses {product_alias}-p-{products_id}.html but any combination can be done. Personally I use the default one.


One thing to consider I'm thinking about is the fact that a product can be in several categories (as a copy) so have you already imagined how to manage that?


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By my alias manager the alias table use alias name as global unique index item so if manufacturers equal with another product name it could not inserted in.


for example:


manufacturer: "gadlol" :: maufacturers_id=28

product name: "gladlol-x" :: product_id=28


or versus


so "gladlol" is unique in the alias table

Store the url into array element separately so you can work with it

$url = array("1"=>"gladlol",

so $url[1] means maufacturers_id=28


sql table:

-- --------------------------------------------------------

-- Tábla szerkezet ehhez a táblához `url_aliases`

  `url_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `language_id` varchar(11) NOT NULL,
  `parameter` text NOT NULL,
  `alias` text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`url_id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `reverse_parameter` (`language_id`,`parameter`(128)),
  UNIQUE KEY `reverse_aliases` (`language_id`,`alias`(128))

-- A tábla adatainak kiíratása `url_aliases`

INSERT INTO `url_aliases` (`url_id`, `language_id`, `parameter`, `alias`) VALUES
(1, '2', 'products_id=1', 'Matrox-G200-MMS-MG200MMS'),
(2, '2', 'products_id=2', 'Matrox-G400-32MB-MG400-32MB'),
(3, '2', 'products_id=3', 'Microsoft-IntelliMouse-Pro-MSIMPRO'),
(4, '2', 'products_id=4', 'Gyilkosok-gyilkosa-DVD-RPMK'),
(5, '2', 'products_id=5', 'Sz%C3%A1rnyas-fejvad%C3%A1sz---rendez%C5%91i-v%C3%A1ltozat-DVD-BLDRNDC'),
(6, '2', 'products_id=6', 'M%C3%A1trix-DVD-MATR'),
(7, '2', 'products_id=7', 'A-szerelem-h%C3%A1l%C3%B3j%C3%A1ban-DVD-YGEM'),
(8, '2', 'products_id=8', 'Egy-bog%C3%A1r-%C3%A9lete-DVD-ABUG'),
(9, '2', 'products_id=9', 'Usz%C3%B3-er%C5%91d-DVD-UNSG'),
(10, '2', 'products_id=10', 'Usz%C3%B3-er%C5%91d-2---S%C3%B6t%C3%A9t-vid%C3%A9k-DVD-UNSG2'),
(11, '2', 'products_id=11', 'T%C5%B1z-a-m%C3%A9lyben-DVD-FDBL'),
(12, '2', 'products_id=12', 'Die-Hard-3.---Az-%C3%A9let-mindig-dr%C3%A1ga-DVD-DHWV'),
(13, '2', 'products_id=13', 'Hal%C3%A1los-fegyver-DVD-LTWP'),
(14, '2', 'products_id=14', 'V%C3%B6r%C3%B6s-sarok-DVD-REDC'),
(15, '2', 'products_id=15', '%C5%90r%C3%BClet-DVD-FRAN'),
(16, '2', 'products_id=16', 'A-b%C3%A1trak-igazs%C3%A1ga-DVD-CUFI'),
(17, '2', 'products_id=17', 'F%C3%A9ktelen%C3%BCl-DVD-SPEED'),
(18, '2', 'products_id=18', 'F%C3%A9ktelen%C3%BCl-2.---Teljes-g%C5%91zzel-DVD-SPEED2'),
(19, '2', 'products_id=19', 'Keresd-a-n%C5%91t-DVD-TSAB'),
(20, '2', 'products_id=20', 'Szeretett-DVD-BELOVED'),
(21, '2', 'products_id=21', 'SWAT-3--Close-Quarters-Battle-PC-SWAT3'),
(22, '2', 'products_id=22', 'Unreal-Tournament-PC-UNTM'),
(23, '2', 'products_id=23', 'Az-id%C5%91-kereke-PC-TWOF'),
(24, '2', 'products_id=24', 'Disciples--Sacred-Lands-PC-DISC'),
(25, '2', 'products_id=25', 'Microsoft-Internet-billenty%C5%B1zet-PS-2-MSINTKB'),
(26, '2', 'products_id=26', 'Microsoft-IntelliMouse-Explorer-MSIMEXP'),
(27, '2', 'products_id=27', 'Hewlett-Packard-LaserJet-1100Xi-HPLJ1100XI'),
(28, '2', 'products_id=28', 'Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-GT-P1000'),
(29, '2', 'products_id=29', 'Let%C3%B6lthet%C5%91-osCommerce-v2.3.4---oscom-1.0-oscomv1'),
(30, '2', 'cPath=1', 'Hardver'),
(31, '2', 'cPath=2', 'Szoftver'),
(32, '2', 'cPath=3', 'DVD-filmek'),
(33, '2', 'cPath=1_4', 'Hardver-Vide%C3%B3-k%C3%A1rty%C3%A1k'),
(34, '2', 'cPath=1_5', 'Hardver-Nyomtat%C3%B3k'),
(35, '2', 'cPath=1_6', 'Hardver-Monitorok'),
(36, '2', 'cPath=1_7', 'Hardver-Hangsz%C3%B3r%C3%B3k'),
(37, '2', 'cPath=1_8', 'Hardver-Billenty%C5%B1zetek'),
(38, '2', 'cPath=1_9', 'Hardver-Egerek'),
(39, '2', 'cPath=3_10', 'DVD-filmek-Akci%C3%B3'),
(40, '2', 'cPath=3_11', 'DVD-filmek-Tudom%C3%A1nyos-fantasztikus'),
(41, '2', 'cPath=3_12', 'DVD-filmek-V%C3%ADgj%C3%A1t%C3%A9k'),
(42, '2', 'cPath=3_13', 'DVD-filmek-Rajzfilmek'),
(43, '2', 'cPath=3_14', 'DVD-filmek-Thriller'),
(44, '2', 'cPath=3_15', 'DVD-filmek-Dr%C3%A1ma'),
(45, '2', 'cPath=1_16', 'Hardver-Mem%C3%B3ria'),
(46, '2', 'cPath=1_17', 'Hardver-CDROM-meghajt%C3%B3k'),
(47, '2', 'cPath=2_18', 'Szoftver-Szimul%C3%A1torok'),
(48, '2', 'cPath=2_19', 'Szoftver-Akci%C3%B3'),
(49, '2', 'cPath=2_20', 'Szoftver-Strat%C3%A9giai'),
(50, '2', 'cPath=21', 'Eszk%C3%B6z%C3%B6k'),
(51, '2', 'cPath=22', 'osCommerce'),
(52, '2', 'manufacturers_id=1', 'Matrox'),
(53, '2', 'manufacturers_id=2', 'Microsoft'),
(54, '2', 'manufacturers_id=3', 'Warner'),
(55, '2', 'manufacturers_id=4', 'Fox'),
(56, '2', 'manufacturers_id=5', 'Logitech'),
(57, '2', 'manufacturers_id=6', 'Canon'),
(58, '2', 'manufacturers_id=7', 'Sierra'),
(59, '2', 'manufacturers_id=8', 'GT-Interactive'),
(60, '2', 'manufacturers_id=9', 'Hewlett-Packard'),
(61, '2', 'manufacturers_id=10', 'Samsung'),
(62, '2', 'manufacturers_id=11', 'Oscom'),
(63, '2', 'account.php', 'account'),
(64, '2', 'account_edit.php', 'account_edit'),
(65, '2', 'account_history.php', 'account_history'),
(66, '2', 'account_history_info.php', 'account_history_info'),
(67, '2', 'account_newsletters.php', 'account_newsletters'),
(68, '2', 'account_notifications.php', 'account_notifications'),
(69, '2', 'account_password.php', 'account_password'),
(70, '2', 'address_book.php', 'address_book'),
(71, '2', 'address_book_process.php', 'address_book_process'),
(72, '2', 'advanced_search.php', 'advanced_search'),
(73, '2', 'advanced_search_result.php', 'advanced_search_result'),
(74, '2', 'checkout_confirmation.php', 'checkout_confirmation'),
(75, '2', 'checkout_payment.php', 'checkout_payment'),
(76, '2', 'checkout_payment_address.php', 'checkout_payment_address'),
(77, '2', 'checkout_shipping.php', 'checkout_shipping'),
(78, '2', 'checkout_shipping_address.php', 'checkout_shipping_address'),
(79, '2', 'checkout_success.php', 'checkout_success'),
(80, '2', 'conditions.php', 'conditions'),
(81, '2', 'contact_us.php', 'contact_us'),
(82, '2', 'cookie_usage.php', 'cookie_usage'),
(83, '2', 'create_account.php', 'create_account'),
(84, '2', 'create_account_success.php', 'create_account_success'),
(85, '2', 'index.php', 'index'),
(86, '2', 'login.php', 'login'),
(87, '2', 'logoff.php', 'logoff'),
(88, '2', 'password_forgotten.php', 'password_forgotten'),
(89, '2', 'password_reset.php', 'password_reset'),
(90, '2', 'privacy.php', 'privacy'),
(91, '2', 'product_info.php', 'product_info'),
(92, '2', 'product_reviews.php', 'product_reviews'),
(93, '2', 'product_reviews_info.php', 'product_reviews_info'),
(94, '2', 'product_reviews_write.php', 'product_reviews_write'),
(95, '2', 'products_new.php', 'products_new'),
(96, '2', 'reviews.php', 'reviews'),
(97, '2', 'shipping.php', 'shipping'),
(98, '2', 'shopping_cart.php', 'shopping_cart'),
(99, '2', 'specials.php', 'specials'),
(100, '2', 'ssl_check.php', 'ssl_check'),
(101, '2', 'tell_a_friend.php', 'tell_a_friend');

osCommerce based shop owner with minimal design and focused on background works. When the less is more.
Email managment with tracking pixel, package managment for shipping, stock management, warehouse managment with bar code reader, parcel shops management on 3000 pickup points without local store.

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USU5 Pro also gives the ability to filter out words below X length. X is chosen by the shopowner. So can easily do this:



instead of



Useless words are not needed in URLs I guess.

Help shape the future of Phoenix; join the Phoenix Club

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here are all the setting for url's 5 and what they do... directly from the manual. I suppose all variables would have to be available for backward compatibility. I believe this would also give you backward compatibility to chemo urls - although maybe someone who uses chemo urls should comment?



  • Enable SEO URLs
    • Effectively an on/off switch .. true being on .. false off
  • Enable the cache
    • Effectively an on/off switch for the caching system .. true being on .. false off
  • Enable multi language support
    • Turn on/off the multi language functionality .. true being on .. false off
  • Output W3C valid URIs
    • Output W3C valid links that won't break your validation
  • Select your chosen cache system
    • File:
      Stores the cache as a text file. No queries are used after the cache is fully loaded.
    • SQLite:
      Stores the cache in an SQLite database. No MySQL queries are used after the cache is fully loaded.
    • MySQL:
      Stores the cache in the database.
    • Memcache:
      Super fast Memcached option. Requires Memcache compiled in apache.
      This is really only a solution for shops running on dedicated/VPS servers as it is unlikely to be available in shared hosting
      Read the benefits here.
  • Set the number of days to store the cache
    • How many days a cache will be kept before auto deleting itself.
  • Choose the URI format
    • There are 4 options

      The difference between the four is shown below: -

      • Standard Seo Urls ( does not require mod_rewrite )
        • www.mysite.com/product_info.php/the-brand-etc-great-product-p-3
      • Path Standard Seo Urls ( does not require mod_rewrite )
        • www.mysite.com/product_info.php/the-brand-etc/great-product-p-3
      • Traditional Rewrite Seo Urls ( Requires mod_rewrite and RewriteRules added to .htaccess )
        • www.mysite.com/the-brand-etc-great-product-p-3.html
      • Path Rewrite Seo Urls ( Requires mod_rewrite and RewriteRules added to .htaccess )
        • www.mysite.com/the-brand-etc/great-product-p-3.html
  • Choose how your product link text is made up
    • There are 49 different ways to write your products link text. Any combination of the below ( e.g. bp produces brand-product name or brand/product name if the uri type is path based )
      • p = products name
      • c = category name
      • b = manufacturer name ( b for brand )
      • m = model
    • cbmp produces category-brand-model-product-name or category/brand/model/product-name if the uri type is path based
  • Filter Short Words
    • When creating a link from a product name you may want to remove the shorter words .. like a | or | at | the .. etc.
      Default value is 1 but you can choose to filter short words of 1 2 or 3 letters.
      A setting of 3 would filter out all words of three letters or less.
  • Add category parent to the beginning of the url
    • Enables/disables the option of adding the category parent to the beginning of category URLs.
  • Remove all non-alphanumeric characters
    • Removes all non alphanumeric characters .. this is best left as true.
      If your language uses special characters you will need to use the conversion system see extras/character_conversion_pack/instructions.txt
  • Add cPath to product URLs
    • Adds ?cPath=x to the end of product urls .. not sure why ( perhaps menu highlighting ) but retained for backwards compatibility.
  • Enter special character conversions
    • Convert/replace special language characters. As a comma seperated string .. like ..

      While this can still be used it has been replaced by the files in
      To revert to using this method just delete all the files within the character_conversion folder .. but not the folder itself.

      See extras/character_conversion_pack/instructions.txt

  • Turn performance reporting on/off .. true being on .. false off
    • Shows USU5 performance at the bottom of your web shop.
  • Turn variable reporting on/off .. true being on .. false off
    • Shows USU5 class properties at the bottom of your web shop. Great for debugging.
  • Force www.mysite.com/ when www.mysite.com/index.php
    • Redirects index.php to your base domain. Beware! on some servers this creates a redirect loop so turn it on .. try it .. if it creates a loop turn it OFF.
  • Reset SEO URLs Cache
    • Clicking on "reset" will empty the cache

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I think the above got everything covered. Perhaps the sooner you release the test platform that's when it will be the best time to get bugs/features iron out. I don't believe any of the default SEOURL can do full cat path...only one I believe....

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That's a good news for all us, but where i can download the class?


Hello again guys.








@@Dan Cole






This is to notify you about the awesome sefurls class and its current status.


New things:


Optional multilingual alias: for example: mystore.com/en/dvd-movies 

Optional Display the aliases from default language only: If you have multiple languages installed then you can keep the aliases of the default language and only change the language alias (en => gr).


For example:


Lets say that the default language in English with alias : en


So if we go to the greek language we will normally have "gr/dvd-movies/komwdia" and not "gr/dvd-movies/comedy"

But with just a click you can change an option from admin panel and so the greek language will use the english aliases AND SO we will have "gr/dvd-movies/comedy" . COOL!


Cache aliases: you may cache in db, apc or json file

Reset Cached aliases

Optional 301 redirect

Optional Use only last alias and not full path: for example instead of mystore.com/en/dvd-movies/action/speed you may wish mystore.com/en/speed or even mystore.com/speed

Duplicate alias check:  if there are duplicate aliases then sefurls auto increment a number so we don't have to worry about cloned - copied products which will probably gonna have same urls.




Manufacturers aliases (its a bit pain in the ass)


Backward compatibility


in order to implement Backward compatibility I need you to provide me with all the different variations of urls.

So far I have spotted:






How many levels of subcategories there are? Does this apply : {category_alias}/{category_alias}/{category_alias}-c-{categories_id}_{categories_id}_{categories_id}.html ???


Is the extension '.html' optional or a necessity?

Should admin be able to input custom extension other than html? (SOMETHING THAT WOULD BE COOL) For example: mystore.com/dvd-movies.ole




P.S. Thank you for keeping interest on this awesome, to be, addon. :-)


Your friendly neighborhood programmer,


John Barounis

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@@gadlol please supply the class file to those interested, upload as an addon or as a topic attachment.  I don't want this thread to turn out like the filters thread where in the end (after all the discussion) it is a paid-for product. 


Note; nothing wrong with paid-for (and in fact I prefer paid-for products to free products), but to advertise/discuss paid-for products you need to be a "Partner" and do it in your own special Partner channel.  

Help shape the future of Phoenix; join the Phoenix Club

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Hello to all oscommercians guys. and especially to those who have responded to this thread. @@acidvertigo , @@vampirehunter, @@wHiTeHaT , @@burt , @@bruyndoncx




I finally found some free time and developed a properly Search Engine Friendly Urls addon which does not require many core changes. And when I say properly I mean:












Osc pageYou can rewrite any page in osc, for example you may wish to rewrite www.mystore.com/shopping_cart.php to www.mystore.com/cart (You can do that easily by the admin configuration panel)





I do not think that having rewritten urls such as www.mystore.com/c-div-movies-action-p-die-hard-with-vengeance-p is a proper way (at least in my opinion)





First we need an htaccess file for Apache server with the simple code:


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule .* index.php [L]

If you are using other than Apache you can translate that code to suit server.


Second: You must upload a php file inside the catalog/includes/classes. That sefurls.php contains the php sefurls class which does the magic.


Third: You must include - require that class in the application_top.php (One line of code)

require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'sefurls.php');

Fourth: add a piece of code to the tep_href_link (so that function to build us the right urls)

    global $sefurls;
    if(isset($sefurls) && $sefurls){
      $link .= $seflink;
      if (tep_not_null($parameters)) {
        $link .= $page . '?' . tep_output_string($parameters);
        $separator = '&';
        $link .= $page;
        $separator = '?';


Fifth: add small peice of code to index.php so to recognize what page to include.

      include $sefurls->include_page;




NOTE 1: Categories and products can auto create the url alias - slug based on categories name and products name BUT you have the ability to custom change those because my SEFURLS addon adds categories_alias and products_alias in the categories_description and in products_description


NOTE 2: The osc pages other than index.php and product_info do not get auto rewritten, you must do it from admin panel (very easy)




Die hard with a Vengeance auto rewritten as die-hard-with-a-vengeance => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/dvd-movies/action/die-hard-with-a-vengeance


DVD Movies auto rewritten as dvd-movies = >http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/dvd-movies


shopping_cart.php rewritten as cart => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/cart


specials.php rewritten as offers => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/offers






P.S. By using SEFURLS addon there will be no links that point to same product. For example www.mystore.com/cPath=3&products_id=56 points to the same page with www.mystore.com/products_id=56 which is bad for seo. So SEFURLS always rewrites products using the full categories path. For example the product Die Hard With A Vengeance will always have the url: dvd-movies/action/die-hard-with-a-vengeance and not just die-hard-with-a-vengeance


P.S. 2 With SEFURLS you can force old urls to redirect to the new ones so no old urls in use.

P.S. 3 You can easily enable/disable it from the admin panel.

P.S. 4 Added some other extra special options...


so is this going to be free or paid plugin


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Hello fellows.


Here is the Topic for the SEO Friendly Urls addon which is based on the above posts.




I will soon include your requests - improvements.


Thank you for your support.

Check out the great Alternative Administration System addon for osCommerce!

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