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Order Total Error

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I'm a bit of a newbie and just dont know where to look to resolve a problem with the maths not working!


I place one item in my cart with value £5.99 including vat - the shopping cart correctly shows the split but does not add the VAT to the order total.


Sub-Total: £5.13 VAT: £0.86 Total: £5.13


If I add shipping, that DOES get added to the total, but the VAT still does not


Sub-Total: £5.13 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard (Delivery Weight : 1 package of 0.2 Kg's (Ships normally within 3 to 5 days)): £2.20 VAT: £0.86 Total: £7.33


Can anyone help?


Plllleeeeeeeease?? :thumbsup:

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I've noticed that if I log in with an account then it shows the VAT and total calculation correctly - so maybe it is something to do with the default store zone? How would I check that?

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Hi Chris


Go to admin -> configuration -> My Store -> you'll see country and zone there for editing (and also display prices with tax)


Thanks Bob,


'My Store' country and zone is set correctly and so are the 'tax zone' and 'tax rates'. Display prices with tax is set to true.


I have made some changes and cleaned up some code and now the problem is slightly different...


Before login the customer see the item price at the correct local price, but the order total now does not display or add the tax:


item 2.99

subtotal 2.49

total 2.49


When logged in it is now showing almost correctly as: (ideally subtotal should not include tax but that's not a biggy)

item 2.99

subtotal 2.99

VAT 0.50

total 2.99


I feel like I'm chasing the problem round in circles now - anyone got any ideas?

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 Hi Chris,


How is it that you can see order totals before being logged in? Normal osCommerce functionality is that you see the order total at checkout confirmation after logging in when checking out. And when logged in you say the totals appear correct. Do you have an add-on such as Purchase Without Account installed? What changes have you made?


FYI tax is based in shipping destination, osCommerce needs to know the shipping address for the order and usually gets that when the customer is logged and then applies tax if needed according to the tax class that apply to that destination if any. If all your tax setup is done correctly (as you say you have) then the totals should display correctly i.e. if "Display prices with tax is set to true" then the subtotal will display the total of products prices including tax, the shipping cost will display including tax, the total will display which includes products total and shipping total plus the tax for both, and the total tax will display which is made up of the tax for the total products plus the shipping tax.


If you have an add-on such as Purchase Without Account (customer not logged in), then your order totals will get their taxed based on the default store zone as you mentioned. If you're not getting the totals like I've explained then there is an issue with that add-on. Post your query in the relevant support forum for the add-on (there should be one) and the creator of the add-on should be able to help.



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