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I was in need of assistance to solve problems about adds, Henry worked hard a made brilliant piece of work.

Incredibily quick services.

I can strongly recommend to use his services.


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Some weeks ago we decided to migrate our old OScommerce 2.2 system to the latest version OScommerce 2.3.4 BS Responsive and quickly realized that we would need expert help, as there were critical processes, such as moving data from one store to another, that would require the help of expert members of the community.


We proposed the project to the community and Henry offered to undertake the project. From the first contact with Henry we liked the clarity of ideas with which he outlined the project. He proposed a 1 month timeframe to carry out the project and a flexible period of time afterwards for correcting details. The quote was also in line with our expectations and we gave Henry the ok to carry it out.


Before going online with our system, Henry configured a new test store where we were able to test the new system before putting it into production. Henry presented the new store to us and explained a number of key aspects in managing it. We learned a number of aspects in the use of Ocs that will be very useful in the future.


The new store Responsive went online 3 weeks ago and has been a success. During these last few weeks with the store online we have maintained ongoing contact with Henry and the efficiency and speed with which he has resolved any incidents has been really excellent.


Even though we have only used the new store a short time, we would like to mention that the two traits that have caught our attention until now have been the speed and visual quality of the new version Responsive, which now makes us project a more professional image with our store.




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My dedicated server running a very old and highly modified OSC 2.2 was coming to the end of support.  As a result, I was forced, in a very short timeframe, to migrate to another server. This necessitated that I abandoned my beloved OSC 2.2 and either bail on OSC and go with a hosted shopping cart or upgrade to OSC 2.3.4. In either case it would be a huge effort considering I have nearly one hundred thousand customers and orders.  Not to mention many significant modification requirements for both the front end and the backend.  If all this wasn’t complex and challenging enough we also have custom integrations to shipping and help desk applications!  All of that was just the OSC side of things. We also have a message board with tens of thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of posts. As well as other community pages.  Both were also part of this project.  As you can see it doesn’t get more complex and challenging.

I posted for recommendations of an expert who was qualified to help with this project.  Henry was one of the first to contact me and was extremely responsive to my many questions and concerns.  I hired him for this project he began immediately. 

Perhaps you are like me.  I had previously done all my OSC 2.2 work.  This would be the first time I would provide anyone access to my server, code and data.  To say I was apprehensive is an understatement.  However, Henry was able to set my concerns at ease and he quickly earned the trust I placed him in. 

I now have a new 2.3.4BS OSC site that is fully responsive.  It looks great on a desktop, tablet and mobile.  It’s FAST and easy to use regardless of the device you are accessing it from.  The server is configured to run completely over https.  Henry also migrated the message board which was no small task and it too looks and functions great on a desktop, tablet and mobile.   

Henry also help with Google analytics and search console and historic Google impressions and clicks were maintained and are trending up.  He was able to maintain link consistency throughout my website (OSC, message board and other content) so priceless links hosted on other websites to my website are fully functional.

Many of the OSC addons I was using in OSC 2.2 had to be tweaked, in some cases significantly, to work with 2.3.4BS.  Mods like CCGV and Ajax Attributes just to name two.   The bottom line is this project was very complex and challenging in many ways and I could not be more pleased with Henry’s expertise, creativeness, and determination to deliver a high quality and functional OSC site based on my specific needs as an existing store owner.  I would HIGHLY recommend Henry for any OSC related project regardless of the size or complexity.  In fact, Henry went so far above and beyond and I am so pleased with the effort and result for the price originally quoted I sent him an unsolicited bonus! 

If you are stuck on an old version of OSC that is showing its age time to engage Henry and move to a fully responsive OSC.  You will be very happy you did and so will your customers!  Again, I highly recommend Henry for any OSC project.  

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I have dropped all thoughts I had, after I met wHiTeHaT from Limburg Netherlands,

wHiTeHaT has upgraded my shop from rc2a to the latest bootstrap in the past week.

No data loss, and after some changes I have most functionality back in my shop.

I am very happy the way wHiTeHaT has done it, he is very knowledgable in both OSCommerce and PHP.

If I knew I would have done this earlier. Happy customer here.

I fully recommend wHiTeHaT to have your site upgraded!

Cheers Rene

Not too experienced, but very willing to learn.

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