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[Contribution] NEW Australia Post Shipping Modules for osC 2.3.x

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All I can suggest is that you compare your Auspost shipping module files with the original files, and also investigate and do further testing to see if it some other cause. Sorry, but I can't help any further than that.

ip has nothing to do with this module.

Regardless, I have no control over the response times from the Auspost servers in retrieving shipping rates. I'm not sure why though you would be getting excessive delays as you claim. They may sometimes have excesses loads on their servers. I have not tested this lately, sorry but at the moment I don't have time. I would suggest you ask if anyone else is experiencing this issue of maybe contact Australia Post.


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Hi Frank,

I am returning to osCommerce after many years. I chose the Phoenix edition because I wanted a responsive site.

As you already know - a suitable shipping module is vital for any ecommerce site. I have used the old Auspost Shipping module ( sone 12 or so years ago. And that worked fine.

When I saw your shipping module for  the new Auspost edeliver rate calc, I was overjoyed. It seems to be such a comprehensive and full-featured module. However, to my dismay, I find that the install instruction don't work with Phoenix

My questions are:-

1. Is there anything on the horizon for your wonderful Auspost Shipping Module to work n Phoenix?

2. If not, which version of osCommerce should I install so that your modules work seamlessly? and is there a responsive base version of osCommerce that I can use.

I absolutely love osCommerce and its vibrant community, - especially module contributors like your good self. But I would need to use a base version that is responsive.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

I live in Perth W.A.

Thanks in advance


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hi Dominic @auzStar

Thank you for the addon.

I installed it on Phoenix, has two issues need your advises.
It appear in the front end twice show as below, how can fix this issue

and in the admin, installed Australia Post - Courier Post, set it enable and live, but it showed not active, how can fix it?


many thanks!  Lyn

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