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Getting Visitors, low sales. Please review

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I recently opened a shop at www.havatee.com. I am getting moderate traffic, for a new site. However, my sales are very poor. I have limited the number of items available, until I figure out my problem.


I would really appreciate any opinions.



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agree with the above, needs more products + a description that will sell the products eg how they are quality items hand stitched with love etc etc


would consider installing a URL re-writer to make your page urls look better


I have no Idea where you are from your contact us page - no address or phone number - I personally never buy from anyone who I cant call on the phone and also get phone calls from customers checking we are genuine before they place an order with us.


Needs an about us page - tell them who you are and what you are about.

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In addition to the advice of the previous two posters, the first thing that a potential customer sees is your website "look". Yours is too bare - it consists of white with a couple of orange boxes. Have you visited the site in a tablet or mobile phone ?


I suggest, as a matter of priority, you do something to have a more integrated design which works in todays age of kindle, ipad, mobile phone and whatnot browsers.


Without a professional, streamlined and integrated look, business websites cannot be expected to perform as well as they could.


Look up your nearest 5 competitors - how do their sites look ? Here's the first one I found in Google - http://tinyurl.com/onjjqkn - look how cool (subjective of course) it looks compared to yours - which one would YOU shop at?

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I think your problem is the lack of products.  If you have more, put them on. You currently have two products. Now would you walk into a bricks and morter store where only two prioducts were displayed. I would very much doubt it. It takes a while to incrrease traffic to a site and having more products and links to those products will drive more to your site. Remember that there is more to sales, than driving traffic there. If you have had any sales with just the two products added, I would add more quickly.


That silly great orange box on the right of the page, needs to go if its the only box you are going to have. Move the information from the box into the footer or into a header navbar. I do believe that there are addons to help with this, if not learn basic html code and modify it yourself.


Your phone number and physicall address should be somewhere. People will run a mile if they think that you can only be contacted by email.


Not too sure about that silly countdown clock on the product pages, but thats up to you.


I dont know how you are marketing your products and pushing your site but facebook and twitter may help. You can push you site and hope many others take it up and forward it on.


I dont know what else to say as there is not a lot else to look at. As to making the site suit mobile devices, I would do it once you can find a package that works with everything else you want to add. The BS versions are relatively new to oscommerce and more packages will need to me added and modified before many will use this system.(just my opinion)


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