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Left and right margin sort order in with Bootstrap UI

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Hello community, I'm feeling rather dumb right now, I have several addons and module boxes installed in my left and right margins such as categories, a search box, company info and such -- I can't seem to change the order in which they appear through the normal method in the admin panel



"Sort order of display. Lowest displayed first" seems like a very simple tooltip, I've numbered them 0 through 2 as I've got 3 boxes on each margin -- am I doing something dumb?





Hoping to move the Year Make Model contrib to the top, and on the right margin the search box on top

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each box needs its own sort number. I always sort them as follows: Left column 10, 20 30 etc., right column 100, 110, 120...., footer 1000, 1100 ...., header: 2000, 2100 .... and so on. Then osc understands .... :D



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Note also that boxes such as your YMM box would not have the ability to be placed in the header or footer areas.

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