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2334BS - Images disappear when updating product

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Hello, sorry my bad english...


I like this edition of oscommerce, but something no function correctly.

I adding in the admin panel 2, 3 or 4 large image to product.

I saving.

This is OK, I see all images in webshop.

Next time, when I want to edit this product parameters (price, or anything), the large images is lost.


Anybody can help me?


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Cannot replicate.  Do you have any addons on top?  


Can you grant me access to your admin area to have a look (if yes, DO NOT post the url.username etc here, please message me).

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of osCommerce that you are using. THANKS

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I cannot duplicate this either - my first thought would be to check the path to jQuery, but it let the images be added already, so that rules that out.

Follow the community build:

BS3 to osCommerce Responsive from the Get Go!

Check out the new construction:

Admin Gone to Total BS!

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I came across something similar, when I use the easypopulate addon, if there are fields in the db being imported that aren't the paths that you uploaded through the admin panel then it will overwrite, it assumes you want the paths in the db you're giving it. 



To replicate, edit a product's images, upload a product through EP with a new image path, image will be changed to new path. 



To resolve: change the paths in your database to your new images prior to updating the product db. 

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