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Sales/Tax/Shipping Report for 2.3.4 ?

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I am setting up an osC 2.3.4 shop for a client and they need a report that shows sales revenue, sales tax and shipping separately. I am not finding a lot in the way of reports for v2.3.4 - does anyone know of a module that will accomplish this? I have found a list of modules that work with, but can't seem to find a similar thread for 2.3.4.



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Share on other sites and 2.3.4 are so similar that you can use addons for 2334 without any real problem.  


These older addons, if they do not work, it is your responsibility to your client to recode them (or if you have no code skills, get them recoded by a 3rd party) to make them work.


Once you got them working, your client (or you) can then consider uploading the fixed addon to the addons area.

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