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Attributes Search inside Admin Panel

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I have a lot of products, they all have so many different attributes, so editing them (or even finding them) in the current Admin Panel is a very tedious chore.  


I searched for a few days and all I could find was this:




It's really simple, and perfect however not compatible with OR obviously 2.3.4


I have spent a day trying to pick through the code and see what the original coders did to add the function, but with some many functions and coding changed in the newer versions of OSCommerce, I can't get it.  


Anyone have any advice or an Addon I could use?  I currently have the "Clone Products Attribute" mod installed and need to keep that, and would rather search by Product Name.



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Hi Brent,


Could you not use the ajax attribute manager which lets you edit the attributes directly on the product page finding the product is a lot easier than sorting through 1000's of attributes ?


The install is simple so worth a test.




To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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@ joli1811

Thanks for the tip!  I did use this  addon once, but something got weird.  Even removing the addon folder "attributemanager" still brings back some old templates and some attributes show blank on the admin end (exempt for the prefixes and values) but not in the store.  Example:




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