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LiveSupport Problem

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Where do I start?



1. osCommerce 2.2-CVS Daily Snapshots (04/01/2003)

2. LiveSupport v1.3 -03/13/2003 - Live Support Feature Update Author: Michael Lessar

3. Store - http://www.The GorgePlaza.Com


Problem: Error message says "Live Support is currently open

Currently only 1 window can be open" yet the Store says the LiveSupport is available.


Your input to solving these problems will allow me to sleep peacefully tonight! 8)





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hi there guys. i?m new to this board and have the same problem.

i just installed the


live support v1.2c from mike lessar


following problem: everything went fine. at my first visit the live-support was not available. so i started it in the admin menue. i called a friend to test the live support.


he told me a window opened what telled him: all techs are busy.


but in my admin interface nothing happened. and if i clicked on "start live-support" the message: 1 window is open, ...


i even couldn?t turn off live-support when i switched of my pc and started the whole thing new - the live support image AVAILABLE didn?t never leav on my homepage. (


sorry for my bad englisch - i am from austria: land of the cows and mountains. ;o)~~~


pls help me! thx alot...

mfg Alex

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