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osCommerce Bootstrap - what add-ons work?

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Do any add-ons work with osCommerce Bootstrap?

Are there many of them?



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Any addon that works with normal will work with the Bootstrap


It is possible that the output of the addon might need adjustment to make it work with the responsive features of bootstrap.

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Not to resurrect an old thread, but can anyone recommend a good accordion style category tree addon that is compatible both with and BS?


Preferably something that front loads, uses ajax style retrieval, I have a site where we sell car parts, making a user click on type of part > further type of part > make > model > year -- thats like 5 page loads before they see a product.


I hate that my first post is to ask for the world, but I've been checking out addons all day that say they'll work with and yet break my test environment.   

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