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Intuit Merchant Services / Webgility

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I am using Intuit Merchant Services as my payment processor. I originally decided to use Intuit merchant services as a processor figuring it would be the easiest way to interface with Quickbooks...mistake number one. I did not realize an Intuit payment module did not exist. Hoping to resolve this problem I purchased Webgility, who claims to integrate quickbooks and oscommerce...mistake number 2. Although Webgility may be an easy way to get information into QB's it is not a payment gateway.


Does anyone use Intuit merchant services (ie Quickbooks merchant services) with OScommerce and Quickbooks? After a week of researching this forum and Google, I'm feeling like the only one.


I believe I can use a gateway like Authorize.net, but this means more fees. I just need a way to process orders in my OScommerce shopping cart using intuit merchant services, and get that information into Quickbooks. I thought I could automate our parts business by having a shopping cart where customers entered there own information which populated Quickbooks and saves our company a lot of time. It has thus far been the most colossal waste of time this year.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Thank you for the link. This module appears to be exactly what I'm looking for, however it's for version 2.2, I'm currently running version 2.3.3.


I forgot to mention, since I have Webgility, I believe I only need a way to capture customer credit card information, Webgility will handle the Quickbooks part. I realize there are compliance issues, but I'm not looking to store the information, just send it to Webgility for processing.


Thanks for all the help. 

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