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Why can't I use function format() in a payment module

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I wanted to show cart total in the title text of my bank payment module, so I used function format() to format the currency. Then I received the following error message:


Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object in /home/httpd/vhosts/xxx.com/httpdocs/includes/modules/payment/bank.php on line 77


Why couldn't I call function format() in a payment module? What should I do to make it work?


Thank you very much in advance if anyone can point me to the right direction.


Best wishes, Eddy

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you could take a look at for example the paypal express payment module:


// format prices without currency formatting
function format_raw($number, $currency_code = '', $currency_value = '') {
 global $currencies, $currency;
 if (empty($currency_code) || !$currencies->is_set($currency_code)) {
 $currency_code = $currency;
 if (empty($currency_value) || !is_numeric($currency_value)) {
 $currency_value = $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['value'];
 return number_format(tep_round($number * $currency_value, $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places']), $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places'], '.', '');


if look at the function format you try to use (inside includes/classes/currencies.php) :


// class methods
function format($number, $calculate_currency_value = true, $currency_type = '', $currency_value = '') {
 global $currency;
 if (empty($currency_type)) $currency_type = $currency;
 if ($calculate_currency_value == true) {
 $rate = (tep_not_null($currency_value)) ? $currency_value : $this->currencies[$currency_type]['value'];
 $format_string = $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_left'] . number_format(tep_round($number * $rate, $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places']), $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_point'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['thousands_point']) . $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_right'];
 } else {
 $format_string = $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_left'] . number_format(tep_round($number, $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places']), $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_point'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['thousands_point']) . $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_right'];
 return $format_string;

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