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Add products before final check out modual

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I'm sure I have seen one before but unsure what to search for


Basically I would like to be able to advertise a few products on the page before they go to final check out to try up sell any one got any ideas?

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I suppose that when someone requests to check out, you could slip in a new page ahead of the actual checkout. Look in their cart, look at their past purchase history, look at their browse history in your store, and suggest a few items on a new page. If there's nothing to suggest (upsell), just go directly to the actual checkout page. The upsell page (checkoutaisle.php*) would have buttons "Return to Store" and "Continue with Checkout". I wouldn't try putting items to sell on the actual checkout page (confuses the customer: "Wait, I don't remember putting this in my cart!"), but a customer could bail out of checkout at any time (before committing the payment) and return to the store. Maybe they realized that they had the wrong item, or the total was more than their budget, or your upsell suggestion reminded them to buy something additional, or whatever. Better to have them replace something in their cart than lose the whole sale.


* AKA the magazines_tabloids_candy_aisle.php


What kind of terms have you searched for in the add-ons catalog?

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You could look at the latest added product in the cart and cross sell based on that product id.


You added a "samsung galaxy". Would you also like to buy "insurance".

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