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Harald Ponce de Leon

Testing New PayPal Express Checkout Module

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That's not a problem related to PayPal or any modules or osCommerce Online Merchant - it is simply a configuration problem with your installation.


The cookie domain settings should not include http:// or https:// and should only be the domain names, so for the example you posted it should be:


// limited to www.yourdomain.com
define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.yourdomain.com');
define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.yourdomain.com');


// available to all subdomains (minimum 2 dots required)
define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.yourdomain.com');
define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.yourdomain.com');
Leaving those values empty is also fine, however the results may differ between browsers.


Hope that helps!

:heart:, osCommerce

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Paypal now has a new In-Context Checkout Experience.  

I would like to offer this to my customers in hopes of better conversions. 

Please advise if there are plans to update this module.  In speaking with Paypal, they may be willing to help with updating the module code as well, so it remains certified.


Here is the link for more information





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@@Harald Ponce de Leon


Came across an odd behavior. 2.3.4 shop.  I use check/money order as one of my payment options. I noticed yesterday that when a customer completed a check/money order checkout, that there were two DP entries in the PayPal log. The log indicates a failed transaction due to missing data (Duh!)


Is this excepted and normal? or what?


Also had a question - Where can I change the text in the message stack that appears to the customer if a transaction fails for whatever reason?


error messages are horribly vague and need to give the customer some sense of how to fix the issue or contact support etc....


Thanks much!

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Hello @@Harald Ponce de Leon,

it seems there exist a tax zone problem in certain circunstances with paypal express.

In Spain the tax zone for VAT needs to be set up by zones. There exist 3 zones (Provincias) where VAT doesn't apply, Canarian Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
So these zones must not be included in the VAT zone for Spain.

Now the next particularity is that there exist zones (Provincias) which names have a spanish (outdated) version and an official name in the local languages Catalan, Euskera (Basque language) and Galician language.

The problem which appears is that PayPal uses in his zone drop down menu the spanish names, meanwhile most store owners are using the official names, which are also used in the zone table of the standard osc installation.
PayPal names: La Coruña, Gerona, Lérida, Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya
OSC Store names: A Coruña, Girona, Lleida, Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia

Now if a customer uses the checkout without account mode his address data will be retrieved from PayPal with different zone names and no VAT will apply to the order.

PayPal says that it's due to a logical problem in the OSC express module and the solution they offered consists in using their names in the store which is not very satisfying for store owners, they have to change the zone names and the PayPal names are not the official ones.

In extension to this it sems there exist older PayPal accounts which were created without predefined zone names and the user could type any zone name without verification and use any kind of ortography.

Now posible solutions, just kind of brainstorm what might be doable:
1. Retrieve the zone names from the store to show in PayPal address form. (not sure if tecnically possible and it doesn't help for existing PayPal accounts with different zone names)
2. Verification in the module if the PayPal account zone matches a store zone. If it doesn't match, error message on checkout confirmation offering the customer to create a shipping/payment address in the store.

Thank you and kind regards

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