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PayPal Payments Pro Direct - No Item Info being Passed

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I've been through this with Paypal Payments Standard, but don't see a fix for this one. I just moved to Paypal Payments Pro Direct for Credit Card processing. The payment goes through, but item info and quantity, price, etc. do not pass through to PayPal, so my Shipping system does not get them either.


Does anyone know if a fix for this? Surely others have run into this since Payments Pro is an included payment module now...





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That would be cool! Thanks, Harald. (I won't have to do all the upgrades from my v2.3.3 to 2.3.4 will I?) B)

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No you don't need to.


Step 1:


Please download and copy the following files to their respective directories:






Step 2:


Visit the Admininistration Tool -> Modules -> Payment page and install or confirm the module configuration parameters. (You shouldn't need to uninstall the previous module version)


Step 3:


Perform an order.


The line items are only added if the item totals equals the order total. It automatically adds extra order total values (eg discounts) as a line item however if the calculations do not equal the order total then only the order total is sent to PayPal. This is to make sure a transaction happens regardless. The PayPal Transaction ID is stored with each order and can be referenced with the transaction at PayPal.

:heart:, osCommerce

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Awesome, Harald! Works great! Thanks for a great solution in a short time!

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