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Is there a USPS shipping module that works?

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I have fought with USPS Rate V4 for hours and it will not display the shipping costs on checkout_shipping. I have inserted my email in the module USPS.php and receive the email with information as sent from USPS production server, but no setting I have tried in admin/modules will have the information show on the checkout shipping page.


Does anyone have any ideas or an add-on that does work?


Thanks in advance



I should note that when installing and / or enabling other shipping modules they do appear correctly. It is just the USPS one that does not show up.

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Did you call USPS and have them switch you to the production server?


As an aid for future inquiries: you will get better results posting in the addon's support thread on this forum.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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