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Peter Mosier

Canada Tax Zones, Tax Class, & Tax Rates Setup notes

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I followed the guide step by step twice but I still cannot get it to work. Actually, the shipping section works fine, but there is no taxes on products even though I set that "GST/PST/HST CLASS"


I don't see how it's supposed to know what the province is since the cart doesn't ask for province?


I'm using 2.2 MS2


Please help!



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Actually, it seems that the taxes are set correctly before the user logs in, but when they do, the taxes are gone...


I'm only going to be selling in Canada as well


so if a product was set as such



Products Price (Net): 20.9900

Products Price (Gross): 27.287


It would only come out as 20.99 to a test account I made in a canadian residence.

Does the cart autofind province through some sort of tracing?

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Thanks Peter and Kevin,


I have the tax set up as explained by Peter and it seems to be working fine. Still need to test out though. So far so good.


Out of curiousity does anyone know how osCommerce determines what shipping zone someone is from...


I know it has something to do with customer sign up... and somehow OSC looks at the Country and State/Province to assign iso codes to the location...


but I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to fool OSC.. so I created an account located in Canada but for the city and province/state I used Detroit Michigan...


OSC then assigned my account to AB Canada


Strange huh?


Also, I was wondering how people using OSC in Ontario Canada, that ship worldwide are setting up their shipping modules.....


I have searched for days for a solution and have come up with some avenues to try out. Since this is getting a little off topic from Ontario / Canada taxes I will start a new thread to discuss this.


Please Join This Thread: Setting up shipping modules / contributions that deal with International Shipping, varied rates within Canada and the USA, for OSC sites Operating out of Ontario Canada.Here is the Thread I hope to see you all there



Eric B


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THIS is an old post, that's for sure.....


As of typing this, April 1 2013, Canada is now a patchwork of tax systems, HST, GST, PST and QST.


I will say THANK YOU to the poster of the text document explaining all this 'Tax Classes', 'Tax Zones' and 'Tax Rates'.


Once I followed the instructions for Ontario, I had a good idea of how it is structured osCommerce 2.3.3.




Tax Class - HST/GST/PST Class

Tax Class - GST Shipping Class




Tax Zones - Canada GST Zone -> AB, BC, MB, NT, NU, QC, SK, YK (Add these in 'Canada GST Zone' folder)

- BC PST Zone

- MB PST Zone

- NB HST Zone

- NL HST Zone

- NS HST Zone

- ON HST Zone

- PE HST Zone

- QC QST Zone

- SK PST Zone


NU, YK, NT, AB have no Provincial or territory Tax, so no Zone entered for them. They fall under Canada GST Zone



FYI: Canadian / Provincial Taxes in effect April 1st 2013


Tax Rates April 1 2013 -> DOUBLE CHECK !!


BC - GST 5% PST 7%

MB - GST 5% PST 7%

SK - GST 5% PST 5%


QC - GST 5% QST 9.975% (yup!)


NB - HST 13%

NL - HST 13%

NS - HST 15% (July 1st 2014 reduced to 14% - July 1st 2015 reduced to 13%)

ON - HST 13%

PE - HST 14%


NU, YK, NT, AB have no Provincial or Territory Tax


Wow, hope that helps fellow Canucks out. I did this while it was fresh in my brain, and so I have an archive if I ever have to do this again...lol..

DOUBLE Check the numbers here. These taxes are in effect from April 1st 2013 onwards.



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