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Advanced Special Offers and Discounts for OSC v2.3.1 / products_new.php problem

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I have found a problem with the "Advanced Special Offers and Discounts for OSC v2.3.1" addon and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction...


The module was installed and was working great untill I deleted a store category which housed linked / duplicate products. (The linked / duplicate products being a product which was listed in more than one category) The items that once shared categories but are now in only one category and are not linking to the product page in products_new.php. Instead they are directed to the root.


Under "specials by category" when I search for these particular products they are shown twice... one "active" and one not.


I have emptied the "specials" table in phpmyadmin and these are still appearing twice under "specials by category" and the problem still persists on the products_new.php page.


If you can think of a quick fix, please let me know.



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