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Hi all,


I'm running an ammunition dealer's website and whenever we ship gunpowder or primers, UPS charges a $27 hazmat fee. I would like so when a customer checks out, this is listed in charges as a hazmat fee, but only for the items that need it. I've been searching for a while and can't find a way that doesn't tie in to the shipping module. I use UPS XML as my shipping module.




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@@beingforthebenefit There isn't anything available in oscommerce for this. You need to add a new field to the products table to mark each product that should have the note applied and then make a change to the UPS module to add text to the shipping methods for those items. By the way, I recently coded something similar to this for a client but he also ships USPS and they don't allow some items to be shipped. I don't recall the restrictions for UPS but it seems like there were some but his products may have been more hazardous than yours - just something to be aware of.

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