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Shipping Table Rate - Weight (but with free shipping option if value over £50) HELP!

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I am new to the world of OSCommerce.


I have successfully set up the table rate shipping options to change based on the total weight of the items in the shipping cart.... this is all working... however as a benefit to buying with us and to encourage more sales, I also want to manually set shipping cost to zero if the total value in money is less then GBP50.


So essentially, the store needs to check the entire shipping cart financial value

if value is £0 to £49.99 then apply shipping cost based on cart total weight.... if total £50 or more, set shipping to £0.


Essentially the cart is working based on weight brackets but everyone pays..


How do I solve? Does this need me to install an add-on? not had to do this yet! nervous at screwing things up!


Angela xx

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In your admin go to : Modules>> Order Total

If not installed, install Shipping module

Edit it, there with the amounts you require. You can also choose to do free shipping for just your country, just abroad or both.

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