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Adding Credit card image

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I have been trying to modify how the display page looks at check out by adding a credit card image to the page.


I have modified the file \includes\languages\english\modules\payment\authorizenet_cc_aim.php


Found line



Changed it to

define('MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE', 'Credit Card <img src="/images/credit_cards.gif" border="0"> ');


and I cant get the image to dispaly at all. I have chnaged it several ways, include the full url path, modified it under define('MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_TEXT_DESCRIPTION


I must be missing something or updating the wrong file


Can someone direct me where to update this at please?



Thank You

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Hi Strangely enough was just looking at a file today a guy posted




post number #3332 baddison02


Where he had a credit card image on checkout_payment.php (about half way down)


<div><img alt="Credit Card Types" width="230px" src="images/creditcard_logos.png" style="border:1px solid #000000;padding:2px;margin-bottom:10px;"></div>


should work for you also but never tested was helping with something else so maybe you have to experiment with the placement




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From the osC home page we can click through to


Products > Online Demo > View > Source


to view the source, and specifically to view line 6 which reads


<base href="http://demo.oscommerce.com/" />


The domain-name, as here given, ends with a forward-slash character. So your


<img src="/images/credit_cards.gif"


can be changed to


<img src="images/credit_cards.gif"


like in joli's code. Or it might need to be


<img src="catalog/images/credit_cards.gif"


depending on your directory structure. Just don't start the pathname with a forward-slash.

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Easy enough to check. When you have the page up that should display the credit card image, do a View > Page source in your browser and look to see if the code even shows up, and is it within some place that is suppressing the image? You can see if the full path to the image is valid (no missing / and no // within the path). Is it even specifying the right place (e.g., do you need /catalog in there)? Add alt="credit card picture" so you have alt text if the image can't be displayed for some reason (and to help the blind). You might need to add width and height attributes. Ideally you would use the tep_image() call, which would mean modifying the PHP source rather than just the define as you did.

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