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Placing an order using Sage Pay within site

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Hi, we have an online retail store, which was put together using OS Commerce.


We have ability of someone to purchase using a card (SagePay terminal) or PayPal and both are working pretty well. However we do have instances where people wish to call and place an order over the phone. This is not a problem as we can log on to our SagePay terminal and process the payment, but the problem with that is we have no record of the sale on the site. We would like the ability to login as admin through the back end and process the order all within the site, including taking the card payment.


I have found an add on called 'Sage Pay Direct' which appears to solve this problem, I have downloaded it, but I'm not totally confident how I would add it.


If anyone can offer any help or advice I would be so grateful.


TIA :)

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