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db error installing security trap

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This is the addon I am attempting to use: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5914


I have version 2.3.3


This is my error message:


1048 - Column 'set_function' cannot be null

INSERT INTO configuration values(661,'Your Rescue Query string', 'LINUXUK_HTTP_RESCUE', '123', 'Your personal Rescue string to use for security, it will delete your IP from the Error table and the IP trap table
Syntax of http://www.yoursite.com/?rescue=YOUR_TAG
You can use anything you like, obviously not any password - something simple.', 490, 1,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL)


I've found that the 'set_function' column is the last one. I've tried leaving the entry blank and adding a ' , but those attempts do not work. @@FIMBLE is the creator, but we have a bit of a time zone difference and I can't find a support thread for this. It seems to be a rather common database error, but I don't know how to fix it. Any help will be much appreciated!


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That addon works for blocking some IP's but I would be surprised if it does what you need. When the problem you describe happens, it is almost always because of data skimmers and hackers on the site and they won't trigger that addon, at least most won't. You need to block them from accessing the server but you need to see who to block and not just by single IP's. You can do that by reviewing your server raw access log but that is difficult to read if you are not familiar with it. If your host has the GeoIP by MaxMind installed, then you can block whole countries very easily. For example, if you are not going to sell to China then why have anyone from China visiting your site? A compromise between the two is to install the View Counter addon. It will allow you to see where the traffic is coming from and ban the IP's, or their ranges or the country.

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