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Neem Tree Farms Site Build

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This is the newest site to luanch using osCommerce 2.3.x series.


All data was tranferred from an osCommerce 2.2 build.


There were a few things coded into the older build that I wanted to do away with on the new version.


Some being:


Points and Rewards System

Discount Coupon Codes


This posed a problem becuase there are active coupons available, and many customers have points in their account.


To overcome this I installed CCGV contribution, yes, a bulky and dated work, but it had the key elements needed to start.


After making it work on the newer osCommerce series I then tapped into the gift vouchers section of code and set up option to give out points in the same fashion as the Points and Rewards system.


Transferring the points was not difficult after running some sql scripts.


I added the ability in the admin to credit the customers account with points on the fly, and also view how many points they have used.


Another aspect that had to remain was the affiliate program -

A bulky, cumbersome, bloated nightmare with so many pages it could be its own stand alone site.


I started by removing all the fluff, trimming it to about a third of its original size.

Then I created a module group and module for it. Everything but the catalog and admin pages reside in the module directory.


It installs all options and database tables from the module.


It has passed all test and tracks and reports as expected.


I am actually still working on this area as I must format pages to blend in better, but it currently serves its purpose.


The rest of the site is very simular in options as others I have posted here, custom field to distinguish product/post/page


There is now an authors page as well.


Microformatting out the ying-yang. Everything from product, category, post, manufactureres, authors, store location, and every bit of data that could be fit.


A lot of ideas and code from the ongoing SEO thread were used here, including burts facebook open graph tags and twitter cards, with just a bit of modification to distingiush post or product.


Checkout has been slimmed down and a lot of time spent getting items to position correctly in both desktop and mobile view.


I have no physical tablet device to test on, so that area could possibly need tweaked.


The contact page was an early experiment in using the category structure to create any type of pages by use of the modules section. Nothing special but proof of concept that the index page can be used to control everything on the site if ever wanted. Even the homepage is actually pulled from a category set up as a page.


This is another of many more sites to come based on osCcommerce.

Follow the community build:

BS3 to osCommerce Responsive from the Get Go!

Check out the new construction:

Admin Gone to Total BS!

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