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Authorize.net AIM payment option not showing checkbox at checkout

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I was asked to fix an issue where checking out is not possible for this site: http://bit.ly/1cAPZ5v. The payment option that displays as Credit Card (Processed by Authorize.net), does not include a checkbox, so no orders are being placed. I'm told nothing was changed and that the last order received was October 31. Any ideas?

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Hi there


Have a look at the HTML for the page - you'll find


<input type="hidden" value="authorizenet_cc_aim" name="payment">


So the only available payment module is, in fact, pre selected.(click on continue and you don't get bounced back to checkout_payment)


So I reckon the site/code is OK but maybe there's something you could do for customer perception?


IF you are not using CCGV (coupons, tokens, etc etc) then I would suggest trying something like http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/193155-skip-checkout-shipping-and-checkout-payment/


If you are using CCGV then just do something like editing the displayed name of the payment module/payment page to tell customers that the page exists as a coupon/token entry page only?

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