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Redirect after payment

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Am using the Realex payment module and have almost everything working except when i complete a card payment it should redirect back to the OSC site and show the order has been placed. Instead i get a message that its a merchant problem and no redirect takes place.


Any ideas on how i can find out where the problem is?


I did wonder if it was something in the .htaccess file or with cookies but am unsure.

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which module are you using for Realex?


Hi Bob


I am using the xxxxxms3 module (i think, can't be sure as the file has to be renamed), all the files are included in the addon for Realex. It all worked fine a while ago and i thought i had cracked it. Was getting redirected back to the checkout with either success or displaing a message if the card payment failed. Now if a customer puts in their card details it tell them that the transaction was successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant's website.


Thanks in advance

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