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Consolidated Login with Guest Checkout for 2.3.1 v1.0

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I am would like to install this guest checkout add-on on my oscommerce, but I would like to know if someone has installed it and if it works ok before I do. Any tips and advice is also appreciated.



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I'm seeking help with the above addon.  After seeing how long the above has been waiting it is not a good sign that I will hear back.


I have been trying for weeks to merge the 3 files together and get them to work.  There are several areas I'm road block on. 

1st let me say that my "create account" is modified with "reCaptcha" , "subscribe newsletter" , "utimate HTML emails" and "Advanced address management"  and maybe a couple of more.  AAM seems to be my main issue. 


I have the login.php file where it comes up, but when you click on continue to create a count, it does error out , I get errors with the "foreach" statements from the AAM addon on Postal and State. The drop down for country and states does not work eather.  Other than that all seems to work.


I have tried many things and with no luck.  Anyone with any ideas on this problem?  Thanks

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Found the above problem and fixed the coding.  Now I'm having an issue with the Advanced address management addon on the billing and shipping not populating when checked by same as mailing.  Tried several things but getting no where.

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