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I need an image viewer that doesn't open the bigger image in a new tab/window

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I've tried a few image gallery addons (Lightbox, KissIT, other gallery types) but I can't get any of them to work. I used to have a nice image viewer in an old osCommerce shop but I can't remember what it was called. Can anyone help me?

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Did you try magnifying glass? :)

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I found something called Magic Zoom which seems to be good enough for now. Don't know how it'll work for multiple pictures but at least it's got rid of the big picture opening in a new tab. :)

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Hi Laura,


I believe magic zoom is a commercial addon actually find it pretty cool glad it works for you more or less takes over the image function in a standard oscommerce install.


Resizes images etc and makes a cache of the images cost about $40 I believe for a decent module.


I found a few bugs that igor tried to solve but at a cost of 30 -40 dollar per hour thought it was just a bit to expensive for me so done myself


Should work with multiple pics all in all not bad but support is expensive wish I could get 30 - 40 dolllars an hour





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Hi folks,


Glad you like Magic Zoom :)


You can also consider Magic Zoom Plus, which enlarges the image on click. Having zoom and enlarge gives the viewer more control. Enlarging is also better on small screens like iPhone and iPad.


Sorry that the support was too expensive Laura. We provide free support for most issues but charge for installations on customer sites and for customisations that are not standard features. 99% of customers don't need any paid support because the osCommerce addons offer a lot of customisation options.


We always want to improve our osCommerce addons, so please do contact us with suggestions on what we can improve. It's feeback from the community that really helps!





Magic Toolbox

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