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Just want Bank Details; No Transaction

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Dear All,


I am trying to get a payment module, where user will just provide their respective bank details and nothing else, means when user come to the Checkout part, they will provide the following details:

  1. Account Holder Name
  2. Bank Name
  3. Bank Code
  4. Account Number

Once they provide they same, the will made a successful transaction. There will no deduction from the bank account just I need to capture the user bank details.


We need this part, is there any module which can help me to do so.


I am using Oscommerce v2.3.3


Please help me!




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I'm sure the rules are at least as strict as those for handling and storing credit card information (PCI-DSS). You might start with your own bank to see what rules and regulations you need to follow to do this, and how you will be audited. Once you've cleared that hurdle, I would suspect that you could take an existing credit card module or payment gateway and modify it to collect the necessary information. I don't think I've heard of any existing modules to do this.

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Why does one want to collect bank account number? (I assume its not credit cards you mean)


I mean, what can you do with someone's bank account number?

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