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Recurring Invoice

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I have searched the add ons and can not find how to do recurring invoices..

I must be missing something as i thought this would of been a common add on..

Can anybody help steer me in the right direction please..

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Hi Tony


I don't think there is one that works (but I'll stand corrected if there is).


Some eCommerce systems nowadays (e.g. Magento, WP e-Commerce) can handle this but others, including osC, do not have a native function for it.


The workaround would be to use a payments system like Stripe, Coinbase, Braintree that can handle a recurring payment/subscription and setup a new subscription at the merchant gateway end with a unique ID.


You then would need to get that uniqueID linked in your product (e.g. using a model id) that the payment module could pickup at checkout and convey through to the payment system


e.g. using Stripe - setup subscription XYZ123 which is for $100 up front and then 4 weekly payments of $50

Back at the store you then create product 'Buy Widget for $300' and explain that's $100 down plus 4 x $50 - give that model #XYZ123

In checkout add some code in that grabs #XYZ123 and (again using Stripe here) you have to write the code that will

(1) create a customer object at Stripe using the credit card and personal details entered by the customer

(2) then using the returned token add that customer object to the pre-existing subscription at Stripe.

(3) tell the customer what you've done


It's all a bit of a faff at the store end and it means that you'd have to handle all the subscription stuff through the payments admin with no back and forth to the osC records (unless you code into the API from the payments system)

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