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RELEASED: Pageloading Version 0.1 March 31 2003

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Pageloading Version 0.1 March 31 2003

osCommerce Feature

(tested on MS2 tep_snapshot-20030329.zip but should work on ANY version)


What does it do ?

This will show a pageloading screen on TOP of the original loading screen till it has reached the last character to print to the browser (in footer.php), then it will dissapear and shows the COMPLETE webpage.

You can adjust it to your needs in pageloading_body.php

find: left:0px; top:0px;

you can make it so that you still see your header & left column or whatever you want.


What's the use of this ?

This is created for all those people who still have a DIAL-UP connection or a very slow cable connection....lol

Because it's not a nice view to see those heavy images getting loaded pixel for pixel



I don't have a preview but it's just TOO easy to install or to delete it again

My client doesn't want it on his website so maybe your client(s) or yourself want it ;)


This contribution is created for all those people who have heavy images on their website

I don't think that will get you customers and more sales but hey...

We live in a FREE WORLD with FREE osCOMMERCE, so be HAPPY !!!





oh yeah...


Thanks osC TEAM for this great product !



We all need to learn it once, how hard it may seem when you look at it, also you will master it someday ;)

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Hi there

i have seen this working but for me it doesnt.

it brings up the "page loading" bit but doesnt show the image once its loaded if its loading at all


Any ideas?


Thanx heaps.


ver MS2

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