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Using "display no price if zero" could that possibly hurt SEO? (long)

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I've been running an oscommerce site since 2008, Google LOVED it, but over the past month, I'm no longer at #1 or #2 (on any given day) for "antique toy restoration" keyword search.


I had removed a few articles on old toy companies because the articles contribution didn't seem to be working that well, Google never really indexed any of the articles that I wrote.


So, I did some mods to my product info page and elsewhere, so that if I entered in zero for the price, it wouldn't display the price on the product page, nor would it display the "add to cart" button. I did this so that I could simply add articles to my site the way I add products, because Google indexed everything I put up for sale, and it was quite up there as far as page ranking goes.


So... two or three weeks goes past after setting up 25 or 35 new articles this way... and nothing...


Just to be clear, I dont put anything on the Google Shopping product listing, using Googlefeeder. I do have two xml sitemaps, one for categories and one for products.


I've also set up the newer Google authorship for particular articles, and an example is below... I believe this is one of the articles that does not index.




Something that I'm wondering is the product sitemap, perhaps if Google sees that I'm listing a product with no price, then maybe it's not going to index it due to the fact that if it was on Google Shopping, it would be violating the rules since there is no price shown... but I'm not submitting to Google Shopping.


I hope someone might see something that I'm not, my site was doing so well for the past few years, and I've always been caeful about making sure the site is within those hazy rules of SEO.


Thank you,



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probably something missed:

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<a works"="" toy="" foundry="" old="" sanders="" &="" -="" 1731="" model="" sander="" belt="" disc="" dremel="" #="" href="http://www.oldfoundry.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=144" title="Dremel Disc Belt Sander Model 1731 - Disc & Belt Sanders - Old Foundry Toy Works">Dremel Disc Belt Sander Model 1731 - Disc & Belt Sanders - Old Foundry Toy Works</a>

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