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i need help installing wepay

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The installation directory is where your oscommerce is installed. Something like /home/website/public_html when you log in via ftp


I saw your post and checked out the mod, installed it easily and signed up on wepay no problem. Free to sign up, they just take a percentage of the transaction like paypal. To get the funds into your bank you need a checking account and a check for the info which I had to go dig out ... who uses checks these days? The only thing that was off was getting the 'credentials' (wepay ID for transactions) automatically didn't work, but the info is right on the website ... the only other thing is the "client ID" on the module is called the "App ID" on the wepay site so if you get it installed you might find that a little confusing for a minute since there are 4 IDs you need to cut & paste :) Then just switch it from Staging to Production and it seems to work fine.

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