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Suggestions for payment module?

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I've got a very small online store going and have used merchantone since they had no problem with selling knives and both ebay and propay gave me hell about it. I wound up buying a module to process through merchone which has worked fine, but it limited to one site and I'll be changing my domain shortly which means I will either be switching or have to have the module updated as it's encrypted. One more reason I'd like to change is that merchantone is charging all kinds of fees, originally it was supposed to be $8 a month but now it's gone up to $24, with another $25 "non PCI fee" even though I'm processing through them and not storaing any credit card info on my side, along with whatever CC charges I have. Being small this month the fees cought me off guard and I got smacked with three seperate overdrafts since they don't lump the fees into one charge but do it all seperately, another PITA.


Any suggestions on an easy to use payment processor for a small site other than paypal? I'll be dumping the knives from my site but my target audience is still 2nd amendment types, many who refuse to use paypal since they don't allow gun/knife sales. I see alot of payment sites and modules but no idea how easy to use / cost effective they are. I'm in the USA also, so that helps limit things a little bit.


I'm using 2.3.1 at the moment. I used propay manually with the old CC module, which I know is a no-no these days.

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