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Upgrade to 2.3.3from Customised 2.2-MS2

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Looking for some advice on complexity, time and risk for an upgrade to the latest 2.3.3 from a customised and add-on filled 2.2-MS2


Work done all over the place, by various people including myself, and now is time to do the upgrade


Any ideas on how long, how hard, big gotcha's - any recommendations on ways to tackle it - if you think it would be best to get someone else to do it?


I want to clean up code as well and put in all the standard recommended add-ons for SEO, Caching, Images etc - which i imagine are different to the ones i have now.



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Updating the existing 2.2 database to work with a *new* 2.3.3 fileset is straightforward.


The main work will come with finding the older addons you are using and then either hoping that they have been updated for 2.3 or that you can recreate them properly. Also getting the design ported as 2.3 is very different than 2.2 in terms of design structure.


How long: anywhere between 10 minutes and 10 days

How hard: easy to difficult


Both "long" and "hard" depends on how modified your old shop is/was and how complicated your existing design is.


It's sometimes better to have a more experienced person do it, but it is doable for anyone especially if the addons you need are already updated.

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If you want to follow the upgrade path from MS2 to 2.3 all the upgrade instructions are available. I would look at upto 2 days to do it.


The alternative is to install a 2.3 shop reskin it to your current design, add the add-ons you want and re-do the custom code and then import the data from your current site.


There are advantages and disadvantages to both solutions, if you are looking to add new features then the second solution is probably the best.







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hello, this is what i'm planning to do instead of moving to opencart or prestashop. can you point me to the upgrade instructions, would likte the new install then import

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