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i thought you had to pay for authorize.net

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You should contact Authorize.net and ask them, this is the osCommerce support forum.




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@@mellahugbear The company itseld doesn't accept accounts like yours. You have to sign up with a reseller of their service. The costs from the resellers vary greatly. One might not charge anything for just creating the account while another may charge $300. There there are monthly and yearly fees to be compared as well as per item charges. And for all of that, you have to sign a legal document they supply. So if you applied at a reseller, they should be contacting you about the account. If you want to PM me, I will send you the name of .the reseller I recommend. It's probably against forum rules to post it here. But however you find one, be sure to compare.

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Or set up your merchant account for authorizenet directly with your large multinational bloodsucking bankster (the banks you see everywhere, the ones with logos in two letters in blue and red or with stage coaches). That way you get same day deposit into your bank account, have fees and percentages subtracted monthly (instead of per item before they are deposited) and have one less entity to deal with.

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