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Printable price list for 2.3 with multilang fix

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I managed to update "printable price list" for 2.3. and fix multilanguage problem & tax calcultion ( if you have more than one language installed then you see duplicated products in output.)


Working demo with links : http://www.ebax.si/app/trg/moto-akumulator-pricelist.php

without links ( for quick email send) : http://www.ebax.si/app/trg/moto-akumulatorji-pricelist-print.php


Long ago I promise to someone here in forum to post a solution , but i forget in what thread. So, if someone need this, i can post working code for 2.3. here in forum.


If someone know better solution for output simple pricelist in category tree hitrearchy format please share.


Problem with my solution is that you cant output only some root categories, so i must duplicate categories table with only desirable categories for pricelist .....


btw. you can also comment my new shop , enhanced with excellent Mini template sistem from George (multimixer). I cant thank him enough for his 24/7 help and support and all free customization that he made for me - he refused to take money for all customizations beside start price for MTS . I can recomand MTS to everyone who wish to work with OS. Kudos George !


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There is an addon here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6216 that already includes a price list, and a printable version. Maybe check it out before re inventing the wheel.


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