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Lost Customer Comments

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I think I have found a problem with the code logic with customers orders comments being lost when they checkout with Paypal Standard_ipn.


Tested on OSC22rc2a (+ OSC V2.2 RC2a PHP 5.3 Compatible Files) and OSC2.3.3 with Xampp v2.5 php5.3.5


When a customer types comments in the “Add Comments About Your Order” field the comments are correctly passed from checkout_shipping.php to checkout_payment.php to checkout_confirmation.php.


Cash on Delivery

When the customer presses the “Confirm Order” button and has chosen to pay by “Cash on Delivery” the customers comments are saved into the database

orders_status_history > Comments field correctly – no problem!


Paypal IPN

However, if the customer chooses to pay by Paypal IPN then the customers comments are not saved when they press the “confirm Order” order button.

The order is saved in the Orders Database but there is nothing written to the orders_status_history > Comments until Paypal adds its status to the comments. (eg No Order History Available)


Surely the customers comments should be saved at the same time as the order?


Has anyone else come across this?






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which IPN module do you use? I see http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4791 module comments changed with PayPal answers.


'comments' => "PayPal IPN " . $result . "\n" . $comment_status);


The post comments not saved before.

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Hi Gergely


I am using the Paypal Standard_IPN that comes as standard with osCommerce


Here are the steps to reproduce the problem


1) Install Oscommerce 2.3.3 (or any other version)

2) In Admin install PayPal Website Payments Standard module.

3) Go to the shop and add an item to cart.

4) Checkout and add Customer Comments, choose to pay with Paypal

5) At checkout_confirmation press the confirm order button and then quit the payment process.

6) Log back into admin and look at the order. The order will be saved in the database but the customers comments are lost.


Customers comments should be saved to the database at the same time the order is saved, ie when the customer presses the confirm order button.





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This needs looking at in readiness for 2.3.4.

Can you post it as a bug please => http://forums.oscommerce.com/tracker/

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